Our Story About Blendsetters

aina rama

Hi, I’m Aina, I’m a Canadian online entrepreneur who happens to love handbags. Especially if they’re made of genuine leather.

If you like nicely crafted handbags and accessories, you know that a durable and stylish purse usually comes with a hefty price tag.

Why, though ? Owning a genuine leather item should not cost a fortune. You shouldn’t have to compromise on quality just to get a good deal

I founded Blendsetters because I believe it IS possible to be stylish without breaking the bank. My goal is to offer affordable leather handbags that you’ll still love and enjoy a few years from now, without the “buyer’s remorse” feeling that comes with the purchase.

Shop now and see for yourself 🙂 Oh, and shipping is FREE on ALL orders!

Please message me if you have any question that hasn’t been answered on the FAQ page.

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