8 popular crossbody bags to look for in 2019

New year (well, it’s been 2 months already), new purse ? Here are 6 popular crossbody bags you might want to add to your collection, because this type of purse deserves love too! Convenient, easy to carry, versatile for any occasion (yes, literally any!), crossbody bags come in so many styles it can be overwhelming to choose from. 

So here’s our top 6… and they are all available on our shop 🙂

1/ 2-in-1 crossbody and belt bag

A belt bag is more than just a “trendy fanny pack”, it’s an accessory that can enhance an outfit. Dress it up or wear it casually, you’ll definitely see more of this style in stores. If you go for it, make sure to pick a durable one you’ll want to keep for several years.

At Blendsetters, one of our favorite 2-in-1 bag is Mia, with a cute decoration on the closure and small studs details. Its tiny size is perfect to carry as a belt. Oh, and it’s on sale 🙂


2/ Round shape crossbody

Why choose a classic square shape when you can stand out with an original round shape bag ? 

Even better, why pick a bag with a “normal” top handle when you can have a gold one ? That’s exactly why we love Uliana, our one of a kind purse, made of leather and suede. It comes in nice and bright colors that you cannot mistake with your friends’ purses 🙂


3/ Tri-color crossbody bag

While bi-color bags have been in the mainstream fashion industry for many years, tri-color ones are clearly more fashion forward, especially when the color combinations are bold on purpose. 

Speaking of colors, our Olympia model even comes with 2 removable straps, one of them is colorful, perfect for summer and add a touch of happy mood in the winter 🙂


4/ Satchel crossbody bag

Most of the time, large satchel bags can be too heavy to be carried as a crossbody bag, even when they come with a strap. That’s why a smaller size satchel can be a good alternative for women who love this style. 

Our Sierra model is a satchel purse that can be converted to either a crossbody or a shoulder bag thanks to the 2 removable straps included : shoulder-length chain strap (very elegant!), and leather adjustable long strap. Check it out!


5/ Bucket crossbody bag

Bucket bags are made for women who like “work to party” outfits and accessories. 

That’s one of the many reasons why we love Pippa, our small bucket purse you can go party happy hour with right after work. The gold chain string is a nice feminine feature that dresses up the bucket shape. 


6/ Built-in wallet crossbody purse

Since crossbody bags are traditionally small, you might as well pick one that already has a built-in wallet so you can save space and better organize your personal items.

Our Nina purse is made of genuine leather in and out, with a nice alligator pattern for a fashionable look all day (and night) long. Plus, the price is super cheap you might want to pick more than one color! 


Do you have a favorite style among these popular crossbody bags ? Let us know in the comments!